The first actively managed SPAC ETF

A Special Purpose Acquisition Company (SPAC) is  fusce vehicula orci vitae ultrices pretium. Mauris in turpis eu lacus interdum tempor vel vel velit. Nam eget purus nunc.


Acquisition within two years


Reverse Merger


A sponsor team raises a blind pool of cash to compine with a private operating company. The structure gives public investors access to a top tier sponsor that is highly incentivized to generate excess value through sourcing a unique business combination opportunity. (Source: Bank of America)

SPAC Issuance Explodes in 2020

31.4 Billion Raised YTD August 2020

SPAC Sizes >$300M since 2018






2020 YTD

How is a SPAC Structured?

A brief explanation of the basic plumbing

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Stages of a SPAC

How it all comes together

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Why do a SPAC?

From a Sponsor’s and Seller’s point of view

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Potential Benefits of Going Public via a SPAC

Why more companies are taking this disruptive path to market

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How to Invest

The SPAC and New Issue ETF (Nasdaq: SPCX), the first actively-managed SPAC exchange traded fund. SPCX offers a simple yet institutional-level solution to help investors of all types navigate an often complicated SPAC landscape. 

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